Cathay Home Care Services

The Cathay Home Care Services are established in 1989 and the services are funded by the Australia and Queensland governments under the Home and Community Care Program and Queensland Community Care Program.

Service Types

The services provides a wide range of basic maintenance, support and care services for frail aged people and young people with disabilities.  The service types include:

  • Domestic Assistance (including meal preparation and basic household cleaning)
  • Personal Care (including shower assistance, dressing, toileting)
  • Social Support (including group shopping, assisting to attend appointment, accompanying banking, Yum Cha Group)
  • In Home Respite Care
  • Transport
  • Home Maintenance
  • Centre-based Day Care
  • Case Management (including development of Care Plan, on-going service support)
  • Client Care Coordination (including liaison with  another service providers for better quality of care)

The objective is to support them to be more independence at home and in the community, thereby enhancing their quality of life and preventing or delaying their admission to long term residential care. The services also support carers of the people who may experience physical and/or emotional stress from their caring role.


To be eligible for the services, the individual must live in the community, have difficulty in performing activities of daily living due to functional limitations and be at risk of admission to long term residential care.

Day Respite Care (DRC)

Centre-based Day Care (known as DRC) is one of the most popular service types. This is held three times per week.  The benefits of the participation are to:

  • Enhance physical activity
  • Improve mental health through games, exercise and communication
  • Keep in touch with the community development
  • Develop friendship
  • Celebrate Chinese festivals altogether
  • Enjoy Chinese cuisine
  • Learn skills and gain through health educational talks
  • Enabling carer to have a break from their caring role and more….
  • A Flyer of the service can be found from 'Publications'.


Our staffs are caring and helpful.  They are also bi-lingual, professional and experience.  Our commitment is to serve and assist our clients to achieve goals towards independence, health and well-being.

How to apply

Individuals can contact us directly or through family, friend and family doctor.  After the initial contact either on phone or in person, our case manager will arrange a home visit to assess your eligibility and service needs.  Related policies and procedures will be acknowledged and a service agreement will be explained and signed. 

Fees Charge

The fee depends on the service type received and amount of service required.  A small contribution is applied.  People with financial hardship will not be denied of services.

Further Information

If you would like to get more information, please do not hesitate to contact us on 3275 3688 to discuss your eligibility and care service needs.

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